Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We're Sorry, The Number You Are Trying...

One of the main struggles I am dealing with right now is the fundamental disconnect between study and practice. From what I understand, many people have very positive law school experiences, then emerge into the drear corporate life, which, at 80 hours a week without any excitement, sucks their souls dry until they are bitter, amoral, or stop practicing law. Does a six-figure salary compensate adequately for a crap life?

I make enough money to be content right now. If I wanted I could get a full time job and be making a lot more. I'd be settled in for life. But I would still have to wake up and go to a job I couldn't care less about.

I do not doubt that I have the mind for the work and study. I don't think I will regret the time I spend studying law, whether I end up practicing or not. The big burning question then is whether the debt load I incur while studying will be manageable at graduation. Will I find myself with few options but to take that corporate job? I know a musician who went through NYU Law with a public interest focus and background and is now in corporate hell. He has limited options because of his debt and family obligations. I don't have a large family at the moment, but little Becketts may be somewhere over the horizon and I don't want the possibility to be precluded by a requirement that I work at near-poverty-level wages for my loans to be forgiven.

Plus, the Dozer wants me to pony up a grand by March if I choose their program. Only problem is I may not have a decision from Brooklyn or any of the others by then.


Mr.Grey said...

Dozer... I'll tell you something a litle secretiveish Beckster... unwittingly I held out from saying yes to Cardozo until the very last minute (I was waiting for UPenn) and finally, when I got the rejection I said yes. But in between waiting and rejection, Cardozo called me thrice, and raised my scholarship money tremendously. I mean, a lot.

Second secretivethingy, is that my friend who will remain unnamed, simply called the student dean and asked for more money - and she got it, and chose to come here.

Lesson? (1) Deceive and you shall receive, and, (2) Ask and you shall receive.

Lastly, work has no congruency with happiness. I agree. Now that that's been said, back to work.

Elijahh said...

How does one determine the right path?
Life is a quest -- some say a spiritual quest.
Life is also a wrestling match.

Anonymous said...

It's a tough decision alright. I'm glad I don't have to make it. Surely anything I can say, you've already thought of. What does Mrs. Beckett think? She's probably also of two minds. (I wonder if that makes four minds total.)


beckett said...

Good advice grey. Thanks. I will probably also be waiting till the last minute while I await word from other schools.

I won't have to wait on NYU anymore. Got a very short letter from them today. Glad I got word from Cardozo 1st, or I might be a bit upset. The chances of me getting into NYU were between, oh, 0 and 5%, so I'm really most avidly waiting for word from Crooklyn, which has a better loan repayment assistance program for public interest law.

Got to visit the Dozer on Tuesday, though. Good place. I'd be happy to go there.