Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two Unrelated Things

Behind drywall and stud reclines the Brahman,
Brown men in knit caps tend the lawn,
Wizened woman in yoga pants guards the lane,
In gleaming black carriage, the scion
discreetly is delivered to the commons.


I saw this on a church sign today:
"God doesn't believe in atheists. Therefore they don't exist.

I imagine the writer thought this a pretty biting riposte to the atheists, but I disagree with it as logic, rhetoric, and theology.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm a delinquent poster among delinquent posters. I actually have a post written in long hand that I've been meaning to post for a couple months now. In the mean time, I will simply say: the police state is coming in America. It will be a corporate-consumer model. Debtors' prison will be prominent, as will familial debt (i.e., your sister owes Target $20,000, and she is in jail for failing to pay, making the debt yours). The more we watch, the more we buy, the more we build our own prisons.