Thursday, December 13, 2007


Finals are over. Law school is 1/2 over. I am trying to relax. But I haven't had more than a few days off in a year and a half, and even then, work loomed ominously on the horizon. So I am trying to remember what it's like to spend an unhurried day.

And I can finally take this li'l macbook of mine to the "geniuses" at the Apple store. The high-and-mighty apple customer service refuses to provide customers with estimates of how long a repair will take. So I have been unable to take the heavily used notebook for much needed maintenance. My computer has several problems common to early macbooks: the white faceplate where I rest my wrists while I type and the trackpad have become discolored (from sweat I presume). The case has small cracks around the edges from where the screen contacts the base of the laptop while closed, and, worst of all, the battery has a problem that causes the computer to shut down without warning when there is less than an hour of battery life yet. It forces me to run on AC power almost all the time or risk losing documents. Luckily, autosave and recovery features have become quite good. It also has a problem not common: the hinge is missing a chunk o plastic that broke off when the poor thing was dropped. So if I try to view the screen at a 75 degree angle, it kind of just flops back to 45. On the plus side, the macbook has a motion sensor in it so that it realizes it's falling and shuts down to protect your data. It did what it was supposed to do.

And I get to reinstall Leopord, which is a pretty great OS. Sadly, I had to uninstall it in order to run SJU's exam software.

Anyway, it'll be kind of nice to not even have this thing here. Out of sight out of mind. Time to buy a christmas tree, play some video games, and actually do some reading for pleasure. Maybe I'll finally finish Against the Day.

I'm sure there are some X-mas parties I'm supposed to go to as well. That's not the worst thing in the world.