Friday, January 27, 2006

Inconvenience Store

Well, I told the JetStop girl how I wanted to take her to the movies and go to a restaurant together, or maybe, if she was into it watch a fight or something like that on TV at my apartment. She said she was busy, and I asked her about next week. Then she said she had a boyfriend. Today, when I went in there, I said hi to her, and this guy who works their came up to the front and she went in the back. I wonder if he's her boyfriend. I wish I didn;t ask her. Now she wont even talk to me anymore. At least then I could still imagine we might be friends or boyfriend and girlfriend. She probly hates me. He does too. I guess I won't go over there anymore.

I was looking at beckett's stuff, and I don't want to be rude or anything, but it seems like he should be happy. I wish I could be smart and do something like him. I like my job and all, but it would be good to be rich. Then lots of girls would like me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We're Sorry, The Number You Are Trying...

One of the main struggles I am dealing with right now is the fundamental disconnect between study and practice. From what I understand, many people have very positive law school experiences, then emerge into the drear corporate life, which, at 80 hours a week without any excitement, sucks their souls dry until they are bitter, amoral, or stop practicing law. Does a six-figure salary compensate adequately for a crap life?

I make enough money to be content right now. If I wanted I could get a full time job and be making a lot more. I'd be settled in for life. But I would still have to wake up and go to a job I couldn't care less about.

I do not doubt that I have the mind for the work and study. I don't think I will regret the time I spend studying law, whether I end up practicing or not. The big burning question then is whether the debt load I incur while studying will be manageable at graduation. Will I find myself with few options but to take that corporate job? I know a musician who went through NYU Law with a public interest focus and background and is now in corporate hell. He has limited options because of his debt and family obligations. I don't have a large family at the moment, but little Becketts may be somewhere over the horizon and I don't want the possibility to be precluded by a requirement that I work at near-poverty-level wages for my loans to be forgiven.

Plus, the Dozer wants me to pony up a grand by March if I choose their program. Only problem is I may not have a decision from Brooklyn or any of the others by then.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Lo, I have been accepted into Cardozo Law. Crap. I mean awesome. I mean crap. That's fantastic. Fantastically frightening. It's just what I wanted. Just what I wanted a year from now maybe. When I'm ready. Not like mostly ready. Or largely ready. But ready ready. Really really ready.

But, no, I have to decide within a couple short months whether or not I want to plunge 100k+ into debt, abandon my artistic life for a few years, and study my pants off in the land of mega-Type-A personalities. That's the downside. The upside would be not having to go into my stultifying day job anymore.

Do I have a chance to fight the power? The man? The machine? Or am I just beginning my assimilation? Or was I assimilated at birth? If I continue to pursue the art thing, I need to find a new path. The one I was on drove me to law school.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Super Google

More good times.

Googlemaps pedometer.

More useful than Cats, if a little less funny.

(via Rog, aka

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Immortal Felinity

Because I care.

Fan art.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Time for a Change This Time

I didn't win the lottery. I hear it's not so grate for people that win anyway. I don't know. I still wanna win. I still get my tickets every week, and I don't care if Vijay thinks I'm stupid. Change Your Life. That's the lottery's slogan, and I think it's a pritty good one. I think maybe I should be more like my hermit crab, Glen. He changes. He goes from one shell to another shell and in between, he could get eaten by a bird or stomped on by an elephant or something. But he takes the risk. You know those posters that say, like, Keep on Truckin' and have a picture of a cat on a trisicle or something? I think the lottery should have one like that that says Change Your Life and has a picture of a hermit crab right when he's changing shells. I'd let them use Glen if they wanted. Maybe I'll send them a letter.

Mom always asks me what my New Years resolutions are. So, here they are, my Change Your Life resolutions.

1. Make some new freinds. I'd like to go to a party next year.
2. Get a girlfriend. Ask out the girl from the JetStop.
3. Fix up Glen's terrarium real nice.
4. Do better at the gas station (always clean everyone's windshield and see if they want me to check there oil)
5. Watch 24 from the first season.
6. Try sushi. (Could go to Shogun on a date)

7. Get a hobby. Like making model airplanes. I also still have a coin collection I could start up again.
8. Stop paying so much money to watch the Pride Fighting Championships.

9. Learn to box. (this could also help with number 1 and 2)
10. Start dressing nicer. Some of my clothes are the same for like ten years, and everything smells like gas.
11. Be nicer to mom.
12. Make a journal entry every day, even if its real short.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm Like Busy and Stuff

How the hell does anyone know what they want? Why? How? Who?

When I was young I figured there'd be a point at which I'd say: well, I've done it. That settles it. I'm doing what I love with the person I love in the place to be, and everything has fallen into place. In some respects that's true. But more broadly I've come to understand that I'll always feel some sense of dissatisfaction, if not with my plight, then with the world that revolves around me. (That's right, goddamn it! Me, baby, me!)

So we've passed a few more arbitrary demarcations of the passage of time.

I may be getting older, but my mind is becoming more agile. It better. My body certainly isn't.

The above picture was taken from, where you can purchase such oddities.