Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Lo, I have been accepted into Cardozo Law. Crap. I mean awesome. I mean crap. That's fantastic. Fantastically frightening. It's just what I wanted. Just what I wanted a year from now maybe. When I'm ready. Not like mostly ready. Or largely ready. But ready ready. Really really ready.

But, no, I have to decide within a couple short months whether or not I want to plunge 100k+ into debt, abandon my artistic life for a few years, and study my pants off in the land of mega-Type-A personalities. That's the downside. The upside would be not having to go into my stultifying day job anymore.

Do I have a chance to fight the power? The man? The machine? Or am I just beginning my assimilation? Or was I assimilated at birth? If I continue to pursue the art thing, I need to find a new path. The one I was on drove me to law school.


vacuous said...

Congratulations! That's an achievement, whichever way you decide.

Rog said...

Congrats, but please continue raging. As Chuck D once said, It's proven in fact, it takes a nation of millions to hold us back.

Mr.Grey said...

Dude, you need to take a break and smoke something. Then decide and do it, instead of thinking it about whatever it is that you're trying to think about.

Mr. Grey