Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wake Up

I have told just about anyone who I've spoken to today that I got a mere two hours of sleep. I take a sort of pride in it; maybe as a symbol of how hard I work, or how unorthodox I am. It was work that drove me to it. But what drove me to the work in the first place? I went from the wildly fluctuating pressures of acting to the unremitting pressures of school. Why should I lose sleep over finding sources for footnotes? And why am I so proud of it? The pride can be attributed partly to satisfaction in completing a difficult task. I think I still equate worth with measurable achievement, and praise. Measurable achievement and praise are positive, but it is a mistake to rely on either in order to think well of myself.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Taste the Stupidity

Has it come to this? Have we become so desensitized that we need a bottle to change color to let us know when it is cold? Coors trumpets this can as an innovation: the only bottle that let's you know when it's cold. Maybe Coors should add little chimes to alert its stupefied customers when they have successfully opened the bottle. And maybe the bottle can change color a second time to let drinkers know that their booze has run dry and that it is once again time to check the next bottle to see if it is cold enough to drink.

They call their technological breakthrough a "cold-activated bottle." All these years, I have been yearning for an activated bottle.

When the most compelling attribute you can come up with to sell your beer is that it is cold, it is a sure sign that you are selling swill.