Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wake Up

I have told just about anyone who I've spoken to today that I got a mere two hours of sleep. I take a sort of pride in it; maybe as a symbol of how hard I work, or how unorthodox I am. It was work that drove me to it. But what drove me to the work in the first place? I went from the wildly fluctuating pressures of acting to the unremitting pressures of school. Why should I lose sleep over finding sources for footnotes? And why am I so proud of it? The pride can be attributed partly to satisfaction in completing a difficult task. I think I still equate worth with measurable achievement, and praise. Measurable achievement and praise are positive, but it is a mistake to rely on either in order to think well of myself.


La Misma said...

I'm sorry I'm responsible for any of your pressures, fluctuating or no.

I hope you're sleeping right now.

vacuous said...

I'm afraid I'm responsible for some of those pressures as well. (Scrabble and chess.)

Anonymous said...

You have my vote!--S29