Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lamest Post Ever

I admit it. This is a very lame post. A rambling update. A placeholder.

First, let me say: there are few things more annoying than other people's cell phone conversations. Their conversations never fail to sound petty, superficial and smallminded. One tough guy nearby just got off his phone, then another chap got right on his. I could sit in the library, but then what oh what would I write about. My cell conversations on the other hand I am confident give pleasure to all lucky enough to overhear them.

I have a Tibetan sounding bowl. Maybe that sentence alone will counter somewhat the tension of the previous paragraph. Just imagine it ringing now.


What are the concerns of the day? Well Gonzalez may lose his job over these US Attorney axings, which seems a bit silly, since they are political appointments. The guy who was fired at the behest of a dsigruntled senator: that may have some teeth. Segue warning.

So I got an intenship with the local US Attorney's office for the summer. Odd work for a public defender wannabe, you ask? Well, it's all about the credentials and the experience. They are a top organization, and I'm in school for the education and the connexctions. I also signed up to do a public defense externship for the fall to balance things out.

In other small world news, legal writing is wrapping up for the semester. On track for another A- I think. I'll take it. I'll just add that I pretty much spent 2 weeks busting my ass on a daily basis to earn that A-. That's the world I chose.

The Sean Bell cops were indicted for manslaughter of all things. You would think that one who fires a gun at another is intentionally killing, and thus a murderer if not acting in self defense, but the Queens DA probably thought it would be easier to get manslaughter convictions: for that he must prove that they were trying to inflict serious bodily harm. I bet they get convicted of the even lower Manslaughter-2 reckless killing. I'm not sure what happened when the man was slain, just inetersting to see how politics inevitably shapes the way it plays out.

As I was driving to class yesterday,traffic stopped dead outside the Queens Cty Courthouse. So I looked, and saw none other than Al Sharpton leading a group into the courthouse. I think he had just finished giving a press conference.

That's all I got.