Friday, January 27, 2006

Inconvenience Store

Well, I told the JetStop girl how I wanted to take her to the movies and go to a restaurant together, or maybe, if she was into it watch a fight or something like that on TV at my apartment. She said she was busy, and I asked her about next week. Then she said she had a boyfriend. Today, when I went in there, I said hi to her, and this guy who works their came up to the front and she went in the back. I wonder if he's her boyfriend. I wish I didn;t ask her. Now she wont even talk to me anymore. At least then I could still imagine we might be friends or boyfriend and girlfriend. She probly hates me. He does too. I guess I won't go over there anymore.

I was looking at beckett's stuff, and I don't want to be rude or anything, but it seems like he should be happy. I wish I could be smart and do something like him. I like my job and all, but it would be good to be rich. Then lots of girls would like me.


La Misma said...

I'm so sorry that things did not go as you hoped with the JetStop girl. I'm sure she doesn't hate you. Perhaps she feels shy now that she knows you have feelings for her. It was brave of you to invite her on a date, so I congratulate you. Rejection is never easy but I feel certain it won't be your constant lot in life. Many girls will like you once you grow into your own strength and learn to love yourself. Meanwhile, take heart in your hobbies -- perhaps through them you might meet someone you have more in common with.

Beckett probably doesn't find it any easier to be happy than you do, Glen. Life isn't easy for anyone, though it can look that way from the outside.

All the best,
Your friend La Misma

La Misma said...

P.S. I'm sorry I'm always lecturing you. It's the only way I have to express affection. I never had children of my own.

glen said...

You are my one true fiend.

I mean, I have lots, but I think your the best.

La Misma said...

Glen, thank you. What you said means a lot to me.

I'm glad you have a lot of 'fiends' (it's a funny mistake actually) and I hope you always will. I think you are probably a very good friend.

I don't have that many friends myself. I'm grateful to count you as one of them.