Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Time for a Change This Time

I didn't win the lottery. I hear it's not so grate for people that win anyway. I don't know. I still wanna win. I still get my tickets every week, and I don't care if Vijay thinks I'm stupid. Change Your Life. That's the lottery's slogan, and I think it's a pritty good one. I think maybe I should be more like my hermit crab, Glen. He changes. He goes from one shell to another shell and in between, he could get eaten by a bird or stomped on by an elephant or something. But he takes the risk. You know those posters that say, like, Keep on Truckin' and have a picture of a cat on a trisicle or something? I think the lottery should have one like that that says Change Your Life and has a picture of a hermit crab right when he's changing shells. I'd let them use Glen if they wanted. Maybe I'll send them a letter.

Mom always asks me what my New Years resolutions are. So, here they are, my Change Your Life resolutions.

1. Make some new freinds. I'd like to go to a party next year.
2. Get a girlfriend. Ask out the girl from the JetStop.
3. Fix up Glen's terrarium real nice.
4. Do better at the gas station (always clean everyone's windshield and see if they want me to check there oil)
5. Watch 24 from the first season.
6. Try sushi. (Could go to Shogun on a date)

7. Get a hobby. Like making model airplanes. I also still have a coin collection I could start up again.
8. Stop paying so much money to watch the Pride Fighting Championships.

9. Learn to box. (this could also help with number 1 and 2)
10. Start dressing nicer. Some of my clothes are the same for like ten years, and everything smells like gas.
11. Be nicer to mom.
12. Make a journal entry every day, even if its real short.


La Misma said...

You are a very fine young man. I wish you luck with all your plans. I especially support your idea to resume coin collecting!

glen said...

Thank you for your support. I have a real buffalo nickel and I think it might be fun to try to collect all the state quarters, too!

Do you have a hobby?

La Misma said...

Self-pity, Glen, is a big one with me. But in happier times, I like to collect tin folk art from Mexico. It has the most beautiful colors.

glen said...

Cool. I didn't know selfpity was a hobby. I think I could be pretty good at that to. Is there a club or something I could join?

La Misma said...

Oh no, Glen. You don't strike me as someone who indulges in self-pity (it's two words, dear). On the contrary, your New Year's resolutions show you to have plenty of interest in the world around you and a desire to connect meaningfully with others.

By the way, how is it going with the girl from JetStop? Have you struck up any conversations? Don't worry about developing your muscles first. Women are often more bowled over by sweetness than muscles. I promise you this is true, and you strike me as someone with a great deal of sweetness.

Your friend,
La Misma

glen said...

I don't know about meaningful connections, and I haven;t talked to the girl at the JetStop except, like Hello or Thanks.

I wanna say like you're real pretty, do you want to go to the movies or dinner or something?

That would be cool. I think that would be meaningful if we could do that.

Thanks for being my friend. It's nice to have someone to talk to.

Rog said...

I'll split the cost of Liddel/Couture III with ya.