Monday, July 02, 2007

The Things I Haven't Done Lately

1. Respond to emails
2. Bake
3. Return phone calls
4. Read (outside legal junk)
5. Meditate
6. Feel totally untroubled
7. Write (outside legal junk)
8. Clean
9. Work out

I admit, two of the above I never did with any frequency, and one of the above, I have no desire to do with any frequency.

I blog now because I have work to do and am not feeling it, as the youth are wont to say.

The neighbors' dog is barking ceaselessly to be let in. It is to the point where one wonders how they can stand it. One of these days, I am going to break down and go up to the roof with a carton of eggs and repaint the back of their house. What stops me is knowing that I could be arrested for such an activity, and the worry that I would break a window or hit the dog by mistake. But the day of retribution draws inexorably closer, I fear.

All our first year results are in: I did not get Law Review, but that's all that did not go as well as I could have wished. The troubling thing (as most things are at FALS) is that I am thinking of working at a law firm next summer. I would much prefer to work at a public interest organization. But one summer could pay for a year of law school. And that much off my debt now could well allow me to do more later. On the other hand, stifling careers are begun such.

Oh, how I go on.

La Misma, I am sorry I did not respond. I liked Robot Secretary and I encourage all of my readers who are not you to watch it at your site, which is linked to on the right of the page.

The picture above was unceremoniously dragged and dropped from "wing's (mostly) food blog",, because I liked it. Should word get back to Wing that I have stolen his or her artwork, I will take appropriate measures at that time.


Anonymous said...

What does not getting Law Review mean?
--Scribe 29

beckett said...

Law Review is a publication of the law school. Each school has its own law review, and it is a prestigious credential. At SJU, the top 6% of the class grades on (that is, is offered a position on the Law Review staff) automatically (I missed it by 7 people, or 4 percentage points). The remaining positions are available to people in the top 1/3 of the class via a writing competition. I participated in the writing competition, but did not get onto Law Review.

I am instead going to be on the staff of the American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review (exciting, eh?).

The whole law review thing is one of the many status indicators at law school, and employers use it as one of the measures of identifying the school's elite.

I am also participating this summer in the moot court competition, to be on moot court. Where law review is a journal filled with painstakingly annotated scholarly works by professionals, professors and some students, moot court is sort of competitive pursuit in which the participants draft briefs on assigned topics, and then argue those briefs against each other in oral arguments.

On that note, I should get back to that 30+ page brief I have to turn in in a couple weeks.

La Misma said...

I am sorry you did not get onto Law Review. Maybe next year?

2ndly, I think you shouldn't cringe from a one-summer good-paying gig. Unless your life has become a movie based on an Ayn Rand novel, you won't be corrupted -- you'll use the money to pay your debt and then you'll turn your back on it. Some might be seduced by the money, but not you.

It's your turn in Scrabble.

beckett said...

it's a one-time only thing. It is not that big a deal that I didn't get Law Review. It is one of those things where I really was not that excited to do it; only interested in it as a measure of my own awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Top 10 percent is still excellent. Good going!
Not getting that particular brass ring can be assimilated as a positive experience, I'd guess. After all, not every case is winnable.
Vacuous once expressed deep disappointment at not being offered a particular scholarship. But, I doubt he regrets it now.