Tuesday, July 17, 2007


One of the things law school does is cast work at you at such a clip that nearly ceaseless effort becomes normalized. It takes training to be able to work at a high level while exhausted, bored, and anxious. Another thing law school does is make everything a competition. That way, when in our offices in the years to come, staring at a stat-sheet profiling every attorney's billable hours, ranking them first to last, instead of feeling like a second-rate salesmen in a boiler room, chasing the same leads, we'll feel like the best, most worthy human beings among all humanity.

There are some positives. For instance, this.


La Misma said...

Okay, I give. How does the double-keyboarded piano make being a lawyer worthwhile? Or bearable? Or is it billable?

I lost my whole film. I guess you knew that was going to be the upshot.

Gee, your code word verification thing is getting harder and harder.

beckett said...

it just makes me happy for some reason.

I am so sorry your whole film was lost. I guess a re-shoot is in your future.


the only thing harder than typing it is pronouncing it"

Anonymous said...

Hope your summer is going well. -- Scribe29

La Misma said...

Thank you for your sympathy. I actually still have the footage in my camera, so don't have to reshoot -- just a painstaking re-assemblage and edit.

The piano article was pretty neat.