Sunday, July 22, 2007


Things not good for teeth: grinding, sugar, being in my mouth. A tooth in my mouth is as likely as not to be part tooth, part amalgam. One tooth has been tunneled through to kill the nerve and drive a post to anchor a crown. Tomorrow, the dentist will "open up" a decayed area around a big gumline filling. If the nerve is infected, root canal. If not, we save the tooth with more metal.

Also on the schedule: full-mouth debridement. Also called a scaling.

My teeth ache thinking about it.

On the plus side, the beckett household has gone hiking five weeks in a row.


Anonymous said...

Dang! That hurts just to think about it. I need to get my teeth cleaned too.

So what area'd ya go hiking?

BTW, am back in your vicinity. I'll give ya a buzz soon.
-- Scribe29

vacuous said...

I'm missing a tooth in the back of my mouth. It spontaneously fell out when I was probably around 12. It was kind of shocking. The tooth had a fuzzy brown substance on it, which I think was mold or somethine. At the time, I held on to the hope that it was a baby tooth, and that it would grow back one day, but there's still a nice hole there.

Does that cheer you up?