Thursday, June 15, 2006


Have you seen the trailers and posters for Adam Sandler's latest turd, Click?

What an original idea! A remote control that lets you control life! That would be incredible. You could prevent fights with your wife, take revenge on your tormentors and watch breasts bouncing in slow mo. This I've learned from the commercials. I'm guessing this magical remote will also help him reconnect with his family and learn an important lesson of life. In the end, he won't need the remote, becuase he'll be able to value what he has.

If the whole disaster wasn't frightening enough, Chris Walken has further marginalized himself by playing Christopher Lloyd playing a mad scientist.

Is this really the best you can do people? A fifth grader could have written this film!

If anyone sees it, please file a report. I, for one, will stay in and watch Punch Drunk Love.


Adam Sandler said...

You know, I had no intention of seeing 'Click' - UNTIL - I found out that Walken as Lloyd as mad scientist was involved.

I'll be framing my tick stub - which I hope to get signed by some random screenplay writing five year old.

And remember: Writing Kills!

beckett said...

Sweet. Please post a picture, Mr. Sandler.

La Misma said...

I actually didn't like Punch Drunk Love. Something about it felt undeveloped to me. I didn't know what PT Anderson was up to in this film.

However, Magnolia was a tough act to follow. That's a life-changing movie.

Laura V. said...

hate Adam Sandler but at least his top note is no longer complete asshole-ishness. still not worth the price of admission for anything he does.

beckett said...

Punch Drunk is hard to watch becuase it's so awkward at times, but parts of it are just brilliant I think.

Magnolia may be the most hated movie of the past 10 years. I liked it, though. People all over have been known to wail in exasperation: "It was so long, and then, at the end, it rains frogs! What the fuck was that about? That was so stupid!"

La Misma said...

I thought the rain of frogs was one of the most brilliant moments in all of American film. It fit perfectly with the movie's theme of random accidents interrupting compulsive patterns. For me, it was genuinely poetic.

vacuous said...

I liked the rain of frogs. I didn't notice that it fit into an overall theme like that, only that it matched the series of strange events outlined in the introductory sequence.

cream puff said...

I have memories of Adam Sandler (ages ago) doing a skit on SNL that involved expressing fond sentiments for a red sweatshirt. I believe he used to sing and play the guitar during the same skit. I find him incredibly annoying since SNL and I do nothing but grit my teeth when I see the ad for "Click" on tv