Friday, June 23, 2006

Cut to the Quick

I finally got a haircut. It feels so good to have summer hair again. Sometimes I wish I was bald so I wouldn't have to get haircuts anymore. That would be a relief. Every time I have to get a haircut, I keep forgetting for like a month, and then when I go I feel stupid becuase I I don't know how my hair's supposed to go. Today the lady asked me if I just wanted a buzzcut and I said sure and she was done in like five minutes.

I'm pretty itchy now, though. She didn't use the hairdryer like sometimes they do to blow the hair off my neck.

I think I'll go back there maybe pretty soon. The lady who cut my hair would sort of press up against me when she was cutting my hair, and it was kind of like what I imagine having a girlfriend feels like. But I won't ask her out or anything. I'll just call and make an appointment with the card she gave me, and just get a haircut.

Plus, since it's Supercuts, if I go there 8 times, I get one haircut for free, which is a pretty good deal, really.

I hoe everyone who reads this is doing real good. Things are just the same as usual, but I actually feel better than usual today. It's probably because when you get a haircut, you almost look like a different person. Even Vijay said looking good there Glen when he saw my haircut.

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La Misma said...

Glen, I hope you aren't discouraged because of the lack of response to your post. I, for one, was glad to hear you sounding happier and I agree a new haircut can make a lot of difference.

The woman who cut your hair, in my opinion, sounds a bit fast. Someone who leans against you while cutting your hair is taking liberties, I don't care who they are. I hope you realize there are lot of sincere, respectful girls out there and you don't have to go with any old harlot.

Well, my language may be a bit strong there. But I believe you are a very sensitive person and I don't want some hard-as-nails beautician using you in an improper manner.

I hope you'll blog again soon, Glen. All the best,
Your friend La Misma