Friday, June 09, 2006

Always Later

Well, I guess I should of wrote sooner, but I don't know, nothing's really happened. It's the same thing. you know. I go to work, Vijay yells at me, I try to be nice to people and do a good job, I come home and watch TV or sometimes make a model or something. I was thinking, it would be grate if I could get a job doing that, but I'm prolly not good enough at it reall. Because I've seen some models that some people have done that are perfect, like just like the real thing. I can't do that, but I am pretty good at it.

I don't go by the JetStop. I'm too embarrassed. I don;t think I'll ever find anyone who likes me.

I haven't been sleeping to good. I don't know what's the matter. I feel really tired, and I go to bed, and then I can;t stop thinking about the station and the JetStop and my car, and just a lot of stupid stuff that doesn;t even matter. It makes me mad because none of the stuff is really important even, but it stops me from falling asleep. I was even late to work last week. I hate being late.

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La Misma said...

I'm glad to get news of you -- I wondered what had happened to you. You haven't given us an update in a while. You sound disheartened. I wish you would not give up on going to the JetStop, and don't be so hard on yourself about being late for work. Everyone is sometimes.

When I can't sleep, I try counting backwards from 3,000 by 3's. It would be easy for someone with an aptitude for math, but I don't have one, so I have to concentrate to do the subtraction. It gets my mind off my worries -- maybe it would do the same for you.

I hope things start looking up soon.

All the best,
La Misma