Saturday, September 13, 2008

Win for Life

I've seen a lot of a certain lottery commercial recently. A balding guy grins maniacally while talking the viewers through his shit-eating-grin-inducing life. He's won Win For Life, so he gets a million dollars a year for life. Thus, he shows us how he rows a treadmill (next to his accountant) and drinks wheatgrass (next to his personal trainer). He is doing these healthy things, he explains, in order to live as long as possible, so as to keep the money pouring in for as long as possible.

For a while, I didn't pay much attention to this commercial. But it annoyed me a bit more than other commercials. Tonight I realized why I find the commercial so unnerving. The lottery-winning man is grimacing because his life is gruesome. He is attempting to smile, (because the the thought of money still excites him), despite the harrowing prospect of year upon year of life bent on nothing but its own extension.

His family would keep him alive at all costs, unless those costs got too close to one million a year.


La Misma said...

This post jibes interestingly with the one before it.

Did you take that job?

beckett said...

I noticed the consonance after writing the later post. It shows how my mind is whirring about this choice.

I have not yet made a decision. I have leaned one way, then the other. I am now leaning back toward putting my time in for the resume value. It raises the ceiling of what I may do with this law degree.

La Misma said...

That sounds smart. You could always set a deadline.