Saturday, February 10, 2007


I had a few readers. Now they've gone and left me. Because I never update this thing. And when I do, my posts are all about how taxing law school is.

I will speak to the void, if it must be so.

Had a bunch of interviews today and yesterday; even the summer internship scene is competitive.

I'll give a quick rundown of my top picks:
1. Federal Defender for the Eastern District
2. Public Defenders of the District of Columbia
3. Legal Aid
4. Orleans Defender
5. South Brooklyn Legal Services
6. Queens Legal Services
7. NJ Legal Services

I have an interview w/ an Appellate Term judge at the end of the month, but i hope to have an offer by then.

I want to go back to New Orleans and continue the work I started over winter break. The problem is I don't relish spending the summer away from kith and kin, especially in sweatbox Narlins. It would be both incredible and awful. DC is also far away; but not quite so far. The DC Defenders are renowned as the best in the nation.

All the interviews were a result of the Public Interest Law Career Center Job Fair at NYU. Pretty cool. They also had maybe 100 informational tables where you could take a seat, talk to a person from an organization and give em a resume. One of the most interesting I saw was the Southern District Pro Se Office. I didn't even know there was such an office. It makes sense: pro se motions need to be screened. It's the office's job to assist people representing themselves and screen their filings to make sure jurisdiction is proper, etc. Interns reserach and write. Pretty interesting stuff, but not much direct client interaction, if any.

Anyhow, emusic is the best.

Just downloaded the new Bonnie Prince Billy, some Johnny Cash, Decemberists, Beethoven, and Surfjan Stevens.

Anyone on emusic? We can add each other as friends. Not on emusic? If you join, let me know first, so you can say I sent you and I can get free songs!

I enjoy this little game of pretending that there are multiple viewers of this blog.


La Misma said...

As one of your kith, I would never desert you.

I do read your blog, I just don't comment out of pique because I hear from you so seldom on my blog.

Emusic costs $20/month, right? My gifted musician friend Jennifer swears by it.

beckett said...

i pay 9.99 for 40 songs, but i think it's 9.99 for 30 now.

beckett said...

I am really fascinated by that Beatlemania! picture. The screaming girl seems to be way more into it than the red head next to her. And the blonde at the far left seems to be enjoying things in a more stoned sort of way.

This is the way I analyze the picture:
Right side screamer: PCP
Middle: Pot
Lefthand grinner: Mushrooms/ketamine

beckett said...

I'll add that it's also possible that the girl on the right is having an acid freakout.


A.C. said...

I check your blog every now and then.
I'm always interested to know how you are doing.