Saturday, February 24, 2007


Almost no one there to help the push,
near sixteen men unholy strong just watch
a tire just ruptures not a villain's chest.
Some horror day and day and again
see why sometime, although, you know, forget.
It stands to see the fitting of your reason.

Big brightness beams for more than reason
tomorrow night when gallants brave and push,
no rather, new bought know now, now forget
that once was will admired. Tonight just watch
again the friend of gallantry and laugh
til booming fills the hollows of your chest.

Resonant full the flouncing of her chest;
we of no care and no why and no reason.
The day must stand be still be smooth again
sometimes, somehow still now, no rush, no push—
old hum electric. The sound is now click watch,
the old always want life the young still know.

Do please be passive you may need not know,
but flick the irritation from your chest.
Here ample sentries keep the keenest watch;
let fallow fall the fields, the folds of reason,
because the moment has been lost to push.
Amore the room abuzzes, more redoubled again.

The difference may be taken out again
and several few be shown the pieces so they know
the flashing button is the one to always push,
regardless of the rattling hollows of your chest;
regardless, wanting necessity or reason,
we never will be found without to watch.

If we perform an act or more you'll watch
and lick your lips and salivate again
without resort to wickedness of reason.
Will you pretend there is no way to know
your sensitivities creep close below your chest?
—undone, unclasped, embarrassedly push

Almost sixteen there, no one was to push;
near holy flattened back, bent, forced to watch
a brand way hot stitched steaming on her chest.
All moments may bear visitors again.
Evading horror's probably honorable. You know
you radiate bliss, you know you are the reason.


La Misma said...

Well done. Killer ending. How do you choose the repeating words?

beckett said...

I am sorry I did not respond sooner. I meant to. Thank you. I think it shows that it got easier to write as it went along. The flow started to feel more natural. Maybe I'll try again soon and see if I can't keep a mor enatural flow throughout. I'm fairly pleased with it as an experiment. I chose the words as I would any other words in a poem (out of a large hat), just trying to be aware that it would be helpful if the ending words were common or had multiple meanings.