Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Couple Thoughts to Extend This Study Break

It's amazing how well impending finals motivate me to clean my apartment. It wasn't enough to wash the dishes or change the cat litter. No, I had to break down the cardboard, and unpack all our books from boxes, where they had been sitting since June 1st. We are moving again in six months, so it's unclear how pressing the need was to unpack those books. Oh, and I had to sort some mail. I mean, having a messy study area keeps a guy from really bearing down and focusing focusing focusing.

Fear is a powerful motivator. I have a job, and I have done well at finals for four straight semesters. Motivation thus a bit lower this time 'round.

A thought struck me the other morning: why did I stop practicing religion as soon as I decided it was fake, yet continue to consume pornography? Both require one to willingly suspend disbelief in order to create a bubble of warmth in the cold void.


La Misma said...

Yay porn.

vacuous said...

Which reminds me of a funny daily show segment They So Horny?

La Misma said...

That's awesomely funny. Thanks vacuous.

I think the Daily Show writing has declined - this piece is funny in a way I don't see them do as much anymore.

Anonymous said...

Cause it feels good when you nut