Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Hot in Here


vacuous said...

Have you seen "Nanook of the North." Fascinating watching him put together an igloo.

La Misma said...

Is that you in the igloo? Is that where you are? Did you get sick of the pressure and flee to the north or south pole?

Are you helping Santa?

Well, whatever's going on, I wish you didn't have to work so unstoppingly.

If I gave a holiday party, would you come? With mrs. beckett?

beckett said...

No nanook. No not me. I wish I could build an igloo.

I never answered the holiday party inquiry for the same reason I couldn't possibly attend such a party until after Dec. 12, when the semester ends for me.

Also, please send new scrabble invite. I forgot to respond to the last one.