Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do see:
Darjeeling Limited (Wes Anderson-style storytelling; every frame is perfect and the story keeps you right with it. drawback: overwritten. Anderson's movies usually get better with each viewing, so really liking one 1st time out is a good sign.)

Michael Clayton (Lawyers and agri-business doing bad things together. The least plausible part of the movie, which inolves murder, cancer, nudity in a deposition, and haggard, soulless lawyers and businesspeople, is George Clooney being broke. Hollywood did mess up parts of this movie, but it is worth a watch. Fine acting.)

Don't bother with: Eastern Promises (very overrated, very derivative, crap script; it looked amazing, but didn't add up to much).

CA wildfires rage. Every year. Was it always like this? How long has it been like this? And can we blame it on illegal immigrants?


vacuous said...

The wildfires aren't usually this bad. I've never heard of San Diego coastal communities being evacuated before. Can't blame it on the immigrants. How about climate change?

La Misma said...

Someone at work said it's mostly arson.

I said this on my blog, but: I loved Michael Clayton. A brilliant expose of the dead, atomized lifestyle bred by a culture that puts work and money before everything. Okay, maybe it's too simple a schematic but I work in corporate America and it felt accurate to me.

For some reason I dont' want to see the Darjeeling movie, though I loved The Life Aquatic. The drollness seems apparent from the trailers and it seems like nothing of much substance happens (a la Royal Tennenbaums). But I'll take your recommendation under consideration, beckett.

thanks for the tip about eastern promises -- I might have known. Cronenburg seems to be running on empty.