Thursday, July 27, 2006


5 m. 44:11.

On Tuesday, I ran further than ever before: 5 miles. I don't have any desire at the moment to run any further than that, though faster is a goal. I can't imagine running a marathon. Just 5 miles put a soreness in my bones from the pounding. I've heard that marathons are terrible for the body, and I have felt why.

I will be even more remiss than usual in posting for the next couple of weeks. I have two separate vacations lined up, and then I begin law school. Tomorrow is my last day of work. It would be nice to meditate on the end of this period of my working life, but I don't know that I'll get to it tomorrow...

Bring on the White Mountains.
Bring on Puerto Rico!

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JD said...

Came across your blog randomly. I've run a marathon and completed law school. One is worth it, the other isn't.