Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lincoln Tunnel Madness

I have not yet discovered a way to lose the weight without doing the exercise. Despite eating more fish, because that has less fat because it's fish (name that reference), I also do a bit of running. Actually, I don't run for weight loss. That's an ancillary, and as yet unfulfilled benefit. I run for that peculiar endorphine rush and sense of accomplishment. The rush comes halfway into the run. It's the proverbial second wind. Suddenly, running, which felt difficult at the start, now feels great. It feels like you can run forever. Of course, that lasts about a minute, and then the real endurance and test of will comes into play. I've found, through running, that I can go a lot longer than I thought. My body says, "I'm tired, I want to stop," almost immediately. Yet I can go for a half hour and at a high enough rate to make me beat red, covered and sweat, and frightening to people who happen upon me on my way back from the gym. All the above is to say that, while it's quite gruelling and painful, I like running. It gives me a sense of physical accomplishment that weight training alone cannot.

I am not, though, a serious runner. Marathoners boggle my mind. Which is why, for my first actual race, this Sunday, I'll be running a mere 5 kilometers. I might not even be writing about it now except that this particular 5K is through the Lincoln Tunnel. How cool is that? I know what you're thinking: "Wow: that can't be good for your lungs." Well, as you might guess, the tube is closed for the run. It's not like you're running alongside traffic. And a friend who has done the run has told me (and I choose to believe him without doing any independent verification) that the entire air volume of the tunnel is changed every 30 seconds. You know those massive structures outside the tunnel on the Jersey side? Air cleaners.

So, I'm a little nervous, but, given that I run 2-4 miles at the gym a couple times a week, I should be A-OK. I'll be not upset with 45 minutes, and fantastically pleased if I can come in under a half hour.


La Misma said...

You're lucky it's kilometers not miles! You'd be screwed then, you would. (Eng. accent courtesy of The Office 2nd season I'm watching that you ought to watch but haven't.)

Rog said...

Awesome...good luck with the race. Remember, the first three miles of any race are the worst. So, you'll feel great for the .1 mile left.

And La Misma, I hope you have the Christmas special tee'd up after you're done with Season 2.

I could catch a monkey.

La Misma said...

Rog, I have totally watched the Christmas special, maybe four times by now. I'm obsessed with the whole show and with all things Ricky Gervais. Marathon shmarathon! Just watch The Office.

Rog said...

LM, have you listened to the Gervais podcasts? If you don't have an Ipod, definitely listen to them online