Friday, November 25, 2005

Things for Which Beckett Gives Thanks

1. Divine retribution (the wrath of Khan)
2. The color pink
3. The sun
4. Coffee
5. Sex
6. The riches he been snatchin from you bitches
7. Stephen Hawking
8. Lawyers
9. Cats, dogs, and all things cuddly
10. Salt mines
11. Sleep
12. LASERS (the car & the beam)


beckett said...

see if you can spot the typo in the post!

Custom Art Knives said...

Things for Which Beckett Gives Thanks

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beckett said...

Man, custom art knife fantasy knofe spammer's gonna get hisself knifed.

Rog said...

HAHA! What a riot. Ironically, I'm into knives, thanks custom art fantasy knife spammer!